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8 years ago
torture thought he had won, the guardswoman was compltely at his mercy, he looked her in the eye as he always did with his pray.

Mya knew she was helpless against the raptor, but she wasn`t going to die easy, she had a grenade on her belt, the instant she saw the raptor she knew she was doomed, but she wouldn`t let hem ter her.

Torture was pleased , he moved his head closer to see her fear, but then he noticed that she wasn`t so fearfull, strange, he opend his mount and let his tongue out, as he always did before he finished it of.

this was it, Mya pulled the plug out and placed the grenade in his stinking mount, he was caught of guard and in a reflex closed het jaws, the steel and deamonic teeth dug into her arm, biting it clean of, Mya screamed,

Torture wasn`t sure what just happend, a second ago he had another lapdog of the corpsgod at his mercy, the next a grenade was put in his mouth and one second after that it exploded, his jaw was ripped of and his neck snapped at the impact he fell to the ground, helpless.

Just before the grenade exploded Trture threw aside Mya, when the blast came she still wasn`t far enough to be safe and two pices of metal had dug into her right leg, but she was alive more, or less.

The pain from her bitten of hand was almost to much to bear and her leg didn`t help either, but to survive she had to do one more thing, the raptor was still alive and she knew that he be back up as soon as he recoverd which wouldn`t be long, after all he was still a marine.

Torture never heard the guardswoman come to him, the blast had damaged his ears, He thought that she`d be dead most likely, but her standing on top of his armour with her chainsaw sword made him think otherwise. He tried to move, but the blast had snapt his neck, and the medical repairs from his armor weren`t working fast enough, the sword came right to his face.

With all her strengt she drove the Chainsaw sword into his face, it just made some fleshwounds, but the raptor hissed angerly and tried harder to move, she kept hitting the face until it was just a bloody mass, unfortunatly on that momenr, his limbs started working again.

Torture was filled with rage, he would make her suffer for this, he tried call her an imperial whore, but all that came from the remains of his jaws were some angry roars.

Emperor help me, Mya prayed, with her last strengt she drove the sword one last time into his face, just as he was about to jerk his head forward.
8 years ago
The Chainsaw sliced through the skull, the steel hard material finaly yielding to the sword, Torturs left side of his brain was hit, badly. Again Torturs limbs fell to the ground, this time forever he knew.

Mya could no longer hold the chainsaw sort after the last stroke, but she didn`t think that the raptor was going to give up, she drew out her knife and stabbed his face.

She kept stabbing, all the build up fear, anger and hate poured into her strokes.

She thougt of all her fallen friends she found after the battle, and for all the friends that had been found dead and raped by the so this raptor, the Torture-device. She had to stab him time and again, she had to kill him, she had to avenge her friends. Tears started to leak out when she screamen:


she repeated all the names of her friends, the ones that he and his fellow heretics killed and raped.

it went on for two hours before commissar Marcus finaly found her, her wounds had almost bled her to dead and her strengt was gone after all the stabbing. when they yanked her of the fallen raptor she screamed


Marcus only sad you already done that, you did your'e duty for the Emperor. He looked to the mass of flesh that once was a head, he put a bolterround into it, just in case and went of saying "he`s not getting back up anytime soon"

And when he said that Mya felt, just a little bit better, she had no idea that she just killed a chaos champion, she was just glad that she had avenged her friends, never before has she felt as satisfier as when she killed Torture.